Jual Jurnal akuntansi, jurnal keuangan, jurnal manajemen, jurnal marketing, jurnal ekonomi. Jumlah 447 Jurnal dalam bentuk pdf (dibuka dengan program Adobe Reader). Sangat bermanfaat untuk pembuatan skripsi dan thesis jurusan akuntansi, keuangan, management, marketing, SDM dan ekonomi. Jurnal berbahasa Inggris terdiri dari Journal of Finance, Strategic Management Journal, The Academy of Management Review, Journal of Accounting and Economics, The Journal of Industrial Economics, Oxford Economic Papers, Organization Science, Managerial and Decision Economics, Administrative Science Quarterly.

Sumber dari Elsivier, ScienceDirect dan Jstor.

Beberapa judul journal:
  • Granger Causality
  • A Comment on Gilbert The Twilight of Corporate Strategy
  • A Comparison of Centralized and Fragmented Markets with Costly Search
  • A Life Cycle Approach to Management by Objectives
  • A Multinational Perspective on Capital Structure Choice and Internal Capital Markets
  • A Note on Corporate Strategy and Capital Structure
  • A Three-Dimensional Conceptual Model of Corporate Performance
  • Accounting and the reduction of state-owned stock in China
  • Accounting conservatism and board of director characteristics An empirical analysis
  • Actual Share Reacquisitions in Open-Market Repurchase Programs
  • Actual share repurchases, timing and liquidity
  • Advertising and Economies of Scale Critical Comments on the Evidence
  • Advertising Expenditure and Consumer Demand
  • Agency cost and ownership structure
  • Agency Problems, Equity Ownership, and Corporate Diversification
  • Agency Relationships in Family Firms Theory and Evidence
  • Agency Theory and the Influence of Equity Ownership Structure on Corporate
  • Agency, Corporate Control and Accounting
  • An Empirical Analysis of the Dynamic Relation between Investment-Grade Bonds and Credit Default Swaps
  • An Empirical Assessment of Perrow Technology Construct
  • An Expremintal Examination of Implicit Stress Theory
  • Analysis of Investment Opportunity Set (IOS) Relation with Growth Realization
  • Antara Saham Likuid dan Tak Likuid di Bursa Efek Jakarta
  • Appendix to “Complex ownership structures and corporate valuations” by Luc Laeven and Ross Levine
  • Application of Granger Causality Tests to Revenue and Expenditure of Swiss cantons
  • Arbitraging Arbitrageurs
  • Are Firms Underleveraged- An Examination of the Effect of Leverage on Default Probabilities
  • Are liquidity and corporate control priced by shareholders Empirical evidence from swiss dual class shares
  • Are share price levels informative Evidence
  • Assessment of Technology in Organizations Closed versus Open Systems Approaches
  • Asset liquidity, debt covenants, and managerial discretion in financialdistress the collapse of L.A. Gear
  • Asset Sales, Investment Opportunities, and the Use of Proceeds
  • Asymmetric information and liquidity constraints A new test
  • Asymmetric Price Movements and Borrowing Constraints- A Rational Expectations Equilibrium Model of Crises, Contagion, and Confusion

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1) Total advertising expenditure divided by total sale over some time period. Useful for evaluating how effective the company's advertising campaigns have been at generating sales; all other things being equal, the lower the ratio, the better.

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Although return on sales (ROS) is another tool used to analyze profitability, it is perhaps a better indication of efficiency. In some business environments, it is also called margin on sales percentage, or net margin.

What It Measures
A company’s operating profit or loss as a percentage of total sales for a given period, typically a year.

Why It Is Important
ROS shows how efficiently management uses the sales dollar, thus reflecting its ability to manage costs and overhead and operate efficiently. It also indicates a company’s ability to withstand adverse conditions such as falling prices, rising costs, or declining sales. The higher the figure, the better a company is able to endure price wars and falling prices. Return on sales can be useful in assessing the annual performances of cyclical companies that may have no earnings during particular months, and of companies whose business requires a huge capital investment and thus incurs substantial amounts of depreciation.

How It Works in Practice
The calculation is very basic:
operating profit / total sales × 100 = percentage return on sales.

So, if a company earns $30 on sales of $400, its return on sales is:
30 / 400 = 0.075 × 100 = 7.5%

Tricks of the Trade
• While easy to grasp, return on sales has its limits, since it sheds no light on the overall cost of sales or the four factors that contribute to it: materials, labor, production overhead, and administrative and selling overhead.

• Some calculations use operating profit before subtracting interest and taxes; others use after-tax income. Either figure is acceptable as long as ROS comparisons are consistent. Obviously, using income before interest and taxes will produce a higher ratio.

• The ratio’s operating profit figure may also include special allowances and extraordinary non-recurring items, which, in turn, can inflate the percentage and be misleading.

• The ratio varies widely by industry. The supermarket business, for example, is heavily dependent on volume and usually has a low return on sales.

• Return on sales remains of special importance to retail sales organizations, which
can compare their respective ratios with those of competitors and industry norms.

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